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Happy Halloween!

I’m so excited to have Dog-Gone Ghost Stories available again! (scroll down to yesterday’s post)

They¬†all had to be retyped, since the “digital” version I had from 1995 was on big floppy disks (and were probably corrupt anyway.) Re-reading them was a pleasure, to remember the stories and the many people who shared them with me.

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can still buy a kindle book and download the app to read them free.


I’m working on getting Southern Vampires in print again. Here’s what a reviewer said about my first book:

A collection of 13 Southern folktales involving vampires of all sorts. From a charming lady who collects husbands, to a Texas family haunted by psychic vampires, to a vampire who “assists” the elderly, these tales are filled with Southern charm. This is a truly enjoyable collection of Southern folksy horror. Spooky and yet not grossly so. A charming way to spend a dark rainy night.
-Dayna Smith

Happy reading!