Bad News

Hello, my friends, I have some news to share. I am having surgery at UAB Hospital on October 27. My dear sweet son Kai is coming to town the day before, and will be with me while I’m in the hospital, about 4-5 days. My strong, sweet sister Jan is coming to help me once I get home. I’ll be recovering my strength, appetite and energy for about a month.
I have pancreatic cancer, a slow-growing NET tumor, which has spread to my liver and one lymph node. I also have some great doctors and an incredible support network, starting with my beautiful mom and extending into my beloved parish family, great folks who raised their kids with me, and a far-flung network of medical students who graced my life for a few weeks as temporary family. And the unexpected, vibrant gift of a longstanding friendship that has grown beyond my wildest hopes.
(And now I must pause to assure you that Michael Pond is not perfect. He’s watching NASCAR as I write and I swear to heaven he just said “yeehaw.” I think for the pink car.)
I believe in miracles. Please pray for me, light a candle or think positive thoughts or visualize my innards bathed in golden light. I’ve done all that and more, and won’t stop. I’m also riding my bicycle and enjoying the fall, Michael’s company, and as many funny movies as we can stand. (Laughter is the best medicine, I tell you!)
I’ll be back in Birmingham, at my house, for a few days before the surgery. After I recover from that, the oncologist will re-evaluate the cancer starting with a super-ultra special PET scan available no where else but here. I’m feeling good.