Alabama Arts

Alabama Arts $15

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Published by The Birmingham News
March 2007
ISBN: 1575710188


A book to linger over…

Meet the artists of Alabama — dancers, poets, painters, sculptors and more.They are captured here in 128 full color pages, a collaboration of the Alabama State Department of Tourism, The Birmingham News and author Karyn Zweifel. The variety and depth of talent hidden away in our state is revealed as she travels to every corner of the state to interview people with a passion for what they do. Alabama is rich with art and those who create it, and Alabama Arts is a celebration of that fact. Pottery makers with a 200-year history, innovative art initiatives for inner city kids, concerts on the ground of a decommissioned army base. There are artists all around us; all we have to do is open our heart and see.

*If you live in Birmingham, meet me at any coffee shop and buy me a cup of coffee…I’ll bring the book and autograph it on the spot!

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