Dog-Gone Ghost Stories 2nd Edition



Just 4.99 on Kindle!

The second edition includes 13 all-new color illustrations from my favorite artist, Kai Zweifel-Turner. When you buy the book, he gets a share of the royalties. So your purchase goes to support not just a starvingwriter but a starvingartist too!

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from Dog-Gone Ghost Stories:

The planchette spun wildly, moving so rapidly my fingers could barely keep up. Finally it settled on the “yes.”

“Look for the light,” Mark whispered. The planchette shuddered and remained on “yes.”

“Can you see a light?” The lamp behind Madeline flickered and the bulb expired with a soft pop. I moved the planchette to its starting place.

“Can you see a light?”

The plastic triangle vibrated under my fingertips. The little light over the stove dimmed and went out. The planchette began to inch slowly to the left toward the word “no.”

“Look,” Mark said urgently. “Look all around. There must be a light!”

The planchette trembled again and stopped.  The air was electric. My fingers felt cold, bloodless; I felt like I’d been hunched over the little triangle of plastic since the dawn of time.

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